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New - How to add an externally recorded video to a clip recording

Team kPoint

This video will help you in understanding how you can add a video to existing clip in studio mode

22 Apr, 201646 plays

kPoint product updates March 2018

Team kPoint

This release kPoint brings you a new home page, an interface for adding highlights, a new analytics dashboard, and an interface for broadcasting live events.

08 Feb, 2018437 plays

How to create a video using kPoint Studio

Team kPoint

Learn how to create a kPoint video using kPoint Studio. Make your video interesting by combining various forms of media like camera recordings, slides, screen capture, etc.

30 Jan, 20181459 plays

How to upload video on kPoint android app.

Team kPoint

kPoint lets video creators upload videos directly, from mobile devices. In this video, you will see how to upload a video using the kPoint mobile app for Android.

03 Aug, 2017716 plays

How to import a video to your kPoint domain from a third party platform

Team kPoint

You may already have videos on different video platforms. Now you can import them to kPoint and make them searchable.

26 Dec, 201734 plays