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How to stream live using broadcaster

Site Administrator
13 Apr, 202034 plays

kPoint product updates March 2018

Team kPoint

This release kPoint brings you a new home page, an interface for adding highlights, a new analytics dashboard, and an interface for broadcasting live events.

08 Feb, 2018437 plays

How to broadcast a live event

Team Content

This video show how to broadcast in a live event on the kPoint portal using an external broadcaster.

10 Jan, 202243 plays

How to use Q&A while Live Streaming

Team Content

This video shows how to use the Q&A feature while Live Streaming an event on kPoint portal.

10 Jan, 202220 plays

How to create a Live Event using kPoint Broadcaster

Site Administrator
17 Jun, 2019112 plays

How to schedule kPoint live event

kPoint Support

This video will help you to schedule a Live event on kPoint.

23 Jun, 202221 plays

kPoint live using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

kPoint Support

Stream live on kPoint using open broadcaster software (OBS)

23 Jun, 202235 plays1 like