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How to change the video author

kPoint Support

Typically a video author is a user's display name who created the video which get displayed on the video listing page as well as below the video player. kPoint provides a facility to display any name as a video author other than video creator. This video will help you to understand how to change the author.

05 May, 202242 plays

How to schedule kPoint live event

kPoint Support

This video will help you to schedule a Live event on kPoint.

23 Jun, 202231 plays

kPoint live using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

kPoint Support

Stream live on kPoint using open broadcaster software (OBS)

23 Jun, 202245 plays1 like

How to publish a video in kPoint


The videos explains how to publish a video in kPoint portal.

29 Sep, 202298 plays1 like